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As Maria Montessori said herself, “The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” In these words, you’ll find our philosophy and the guiding principles that motivate us to deliver excellence in childhood education and academic achievement.

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Maria Montessori teaching method

Montessori’s educational approach consists of a holistic education, believing that social and emotional development is vital in intellectual and academic achievement.

The Montessori process believes that the best route for development is through a child-directed classroom. As such, we create challenging activities that allow children to stay engaged for as long as they’re interested.


18 — 30 months
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At Lighthouse Montessori Canada, classes for toddlers foster independence and learning.

This is the perfect time for young children to explore and discover their environment through active play and doing. Our teachers provide toddlers with the skills and tools to build and learn: Social and Emotional Growth,  Physical and Motor Skills, Sensory and Perception, Self-help, Language and more.

Teaching Independence

Our Toddler programs support this unique age group’s urge for independent activity. Our educators are compassionate, patient, and knowledgeable, with the experience and skills to equip toddlers with stimulating activities while caring for their needs.

We work together with parents to help their toddlers follow and get used to routines, navigate social interactions, and develop fine and gross motor skills. By promoting independence and socializing, our program helps develop the language and cognitive skills crucial to your child's early development.

  • Confidence in self and environmental care
  • A rich and inclusive vocabulary
  • Enhanced and positive interaction with others
2.5 — 6 years
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Montessori for Pre-School and Kindergarten

Our Children’s House program provides a unique, mixed-age classroom environment for children 2.5 to 6 years of age.

In this class, children participate in individual learning experiences and one-on-one interactions, which are crucial for the Montessori experience.

The Montessori Academic Advantage

We believe that independent thinkers take academic initiative and benefit as result. This is a core value and philosophy of ours and what you can expect from us.

Furthermore, we know that children use concrete materials to learn math. For example, they use movable alphabet letters and physical objects to explore language, cubes, cylinders and other things to categorize and discover genuine relationships and more.

Children explore the following academic subjects:

  • French
  • History
  • Language Arts
  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Biology

And a variety of stimulating and valuable skills include Arts & Crafts, Music and Movement, Physical Education and Cultural Awareness.

Admission process


Please complete and submit an online inquiry form using the application form link. Upon receipt, we will reply within 24 hours or sooner to schedule a parent information tour.


During the parent information tour, we will present you with an application package which needs to be completed online through a school portal.


Upon receipt and confirmation, your child’s application will be placed on a waiting list until the next available opening. Please know that application forms for Toddlers are accepted throughout the year, space permitting.

Fees and Tuition

When a child is offered a place at the Lighthouse Montessori Canada School, parents are asked to sign a contract and pay a non-refundable registration deposit. This deposit will be applied towards the tuition fee. The non-refundable application fee however, is an additional fee, and is not applied towards the tuition.

The Program fee includes the academic program, hot lunch and two snacks. Extended Care and Extra Curriculum Activities are optional and are paid for
on an as-needed basis.

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Become a part of our school

Every child is accepted, and every story matters at Lighthouse Montessori Canada. Through a robust academic program taught by Montessori accredited educators, we help young children to let their brightest light shine. We teach the Montessori Method to residents of Guelph, Wellington County and other nearby areas.

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